Systems integration
that oPtimises, simplifies
& consolidates operations

Digital TransfoRmation


Application Development & Maintenance

Modern businesses are digital and rely on an increasing number of different systems to operate effectively. Enterprises are usually an intricate web of IT and business systems as no single one can offer your business everything it needs. Customers and Stakeholders expect to interact with your Organisation seamlessly and instantly. Similarly, staff require their digital platforms to be be able to support them in offering a satisfactory Customer experience. We help you replace, develop and integrate technologies in a smooth transition to eliminate negative flow-on effects to your organisation.

Our unified integration platform development and services help you focus on growing and improving your Organisation using the best suited technologies.

We provide Application & Systems Integration; Data Integration, API lifecycles & gateways and Service Oriented Architecture; and Public, Private & Hybrid cloud integration. Our Integrations-as-a-Service provides an end to end solution to achieve higher quality outcomes. Our Application Services include Application Development and Application Maintenance Services, developed from key business drivers, delivery strategies and solution planning.  

Systems Integration Services Delivered as part of large Digital Transformation Case Study:

  • Project Management, Agile and scrum management
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Process and UX centred design
  • Technology and Data Architectures and Design
  • Application Development Services – System Design and Build
  • Integration Development Services – API lifecycles & gateways / Micro Services
  • Cloud / Hardware Services
  • DevSecOps and Automation Services
  • Business, functional and technical documentation
  • Security Documentation and Accreditation coordination and management 
  • Warranty, Incident and Problem Management and support 
Application Development Services Delivered as part of large Transformation Case Study:
  • Business Case, key business drivers and organisational capabilities for new Applications, Application delivery strategy
  • User Story, Use Case, Requirements development and traceability
  • Testing Strategy, Planning and Execution, System Verification and Validation 
  • Coordination, quality assurance and support of implementation of Systems Integration Services, provision of Cloud / Hardware
  • Project management, project governance, project administration, Agile and scrum management
  • System Design and Build;  Deployment into all environments
  • Testing Strategy, Planning and Execution; Verification and validation (pre-production and post-production) coordination; User acceptance testing coordination
  • Warranty, Incident and Problem reporting and resolution, Support and Transition to Sustainment design, framework and documentation.
  • Training Services
  • Financial Management, Procurement Management
  • Security Accreditation (PICTA)

Application Maintenance Services Case Study
  • Transition to Sustainment design and framework
  • Change management framework and process
  • Security Framework (DevSecOps Continual Authority to Operate – CaTO)
  • Design Application Maintenance Services and Application life cycle management
  • Service design,  Service Level definition 
  • System security management design
  • Incident and Problem management process design
  • Business needs analysis and requirements development, including technical requirements for minor updates, Minor updates design input and review, Testing minor updates
  • Transition and deployment into production 
  • Verification and validation (pre-production and post-production) 
  • Supporting implementation of Systems Integration Services, provision of Hardware (CP)
  • Project management, project governance, project administration
  • Training Services

GEOSPATIAL technologies

Our geospatial capabilities encompasses Data Gathering, Analysis & Analytics and Customer Experience. We develop Geospatial strategies, GPS & GIS technology roadmaps.

Our Geospatial capability and systems delivery includes staff with NV2 PV/NV2 clearance for delivery, including ISR platforms integration and data management. Working with industry partners in surveying, mapping, geomatics, collection & analytics e.g., Fugro, Leica, Photomapping, Geo Intelligence, Maxar, & TerraData.

next generation technologies

We develop, design, and execute next generation products, apps, services and provide future technologies platform to deliver high quality interfaces along with supporting businesses research and test emerging and future technologies.

We develop Next-Generation Technologies & Strategies, IoT, Software Defined Networks, Network Function Virtualisation, Cloud, Media Solutions and Networks.

cyber security & Accreditation

One of our core competencies is Cyber Security – we have enabled organisations to achieve their cyber security goals.

Our experts provide cyber security services, solutions and delivery models focusing on your organisation threats, technical demands, regulatory environment that provide real-time visibility and rapid detection of threats. Our advisory services are designed to meet security project goals in shorter time periods. We specialise in executive advisory support, vendor assessment, and policy and technical implementation.

We provide product specific experts to configure systems that reduce cyber threats. We alleviate staff to focus on other goals while we focus our attention on risk management. We can provide on-demand, hourly, or by project security consulting.

erp & Enterprise Applications

Wirrigan enables Digital Transformation by Delivering leading ERP and Function specific Applications, both front / customer facing and back-office / straight-through transaction processing systems. We are Technology agnostic and have capability in most leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Development Platforms and specialised Enterprise Software.

Enterprise Applications (EA), Customer Experience, Customer Relationship Management and finance and thereby simplifying your IT processes, automate workflow and improve IT flexibility.

AGILE software development & DevSECOps

Our user-centred design approach ensures that we are always delivering real time value to our users needs. We are constantly validating and integrating assumptions from user research and user testing. Being lean allows us to validate our assumptions, mitigate risks and eliminating waste. We are constantly ensuring that we are building the next most valuable thing, the simplest way, and as fast as possible.

We develop Agile and DevSecOps culture change as a critical success factor to transform the application lifecycle throughout its phases. We have experienced cultural change DevSecOps staff to ensure the benefits of Agile are realised. 

We have experienced DevSecOps & Systems Engineers that can build and operate on-prem or in-cloud DevSecOps Toolchains and Pipelines. Our staff are DevSecOps DevOps leaders with the tools, repeatable processes, and proven competency to achieve rapid software development and deployment pipeline cycles with seamless Production deployments. We automate component activities to minimise manual processes resulting in accelerated delivery.


CUSTomer Journey Mappping, CX, UX and UI Design

We provide UX design services both as a separate task and as a part of broader development projects. 

Wirrigan can improve your customer satisfaction based on your company’s goals and features via detailed user interfaces and user experience options by innovative interfaces for different solutions, including responsive UI for disabled people thus integrating digital customer experiences.

We specialise in delivering end-to-end solutions for Government Agencies. The key areas we commonly work on with Government are: Customer Experience (customer journey mapping, strategic priority development, project management) AND CX, UX & UI (website/app design, development, and maintenance).